It's YOUR VILLAGE so be sure that you have your say and let us know your opinions for the future

The Copthorne Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee have simple aims:- To listen and support the community to protect our village identity and our heritage now and for the future.

During 2013 the Steering Group have been collecting data and seeking opinions from our community through two public events for the preparation of our own individual Copthorne Village Neighbourhood Plan..

Why are we preparing a Neighbourhood Plan?

The Localism Act 2011 has enabled local people to make their views and opinions known about the future of their own areas and to have these opinions taken into account when future planning decisions are taken by Parish and Borough or District Councils. The intent is to make this whole process more “bottom-up” rather than from “top-down” and to give local people’s views of prime importance in the development of their NP..

These decisions will affect the shape and size of Copthorne and if this is a village that you feel part of and care about, these decisions will affect, not just you but our whole community and will hinge around the term:-


Our website will continue to evolve as our Steering Group develops our own Copthorne Neighbourhood Plan with the guidance and expertise of our Parish appointed Consultants.
Please use our website to keep you up to date and in close touch with progress.

Copthorne Housing Needs Survey

Please take the time to take part in our housing needs survey.

Copthorne Housing Needs Survey

February 2015 NP housing status Copthorne Ward Feb 2015. - Plese click here to view

December 2014 Detailed Character Study. - Plese click here to view

December 2014 Scoping Report. - Plese click here to view

19 August 2014 MSDC Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening Report. - Plese click here to view

Public consultation events held.
21st April - Presentation of possible building sites to seek public comments and opinions. (Analysis available on request)

23rd November – Open event with questionnaire to seek public opinions on general topics to help preparation of “State of Village” document.

February 2014 Update of News and general information. Please click here to view

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