Relationship with national policy
Relationship with MSDC Local Plan
Relationship with other areas
Writing the Plan
What is the significance of a village boundary?
What is a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)?
What is Section 106 (S106) funding?
What is a Habitats Regulations Assessment and why might development require one?
What is the difference between neighbourhood plans and community plans or village plans?

Q. What is a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)?

The Community Infrastructure Levy is a charge which accompanies planning applications for built development. It replaces Section 106 (S106) funding. The money is pooled to fund infrastructure and, unlike S106 funds a defined proportion is ring fenced to be spent in the parish in which development occurred at the discretion of the parish council. As an incentive to actively plan development, proposals forming part of the Neighbourhood Plan would receive 25% of the CIL, uncapped. Other developments would only receive 15% of the CIL capped at 100 per dwelling.

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