Relationship with national policy
Relationship with MSDC Local Plan
Relationship with other areas
Writing the Plan
What is the significance of a village boundary?
What is a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)?
What is Section 106 (S106) funding?
What is a Habitats Regulations Assessment and why might development require one?
What is the difference between neighbourhood plans and community plans or village plans?

Relationship with other areas

Q. What happens on the borders?

Different areas need to talk to one another to make sure that neighbourhood plans do not contain incompatible proposals. The Localism Bill includes a duty to cooperate with neighbouring authorities. In essence this is no different to the current situation at the borough’s borders, which operates more smoothly than might be imagined. The council and other local councils operate a “spheres of mutual interest” scheme to share information that is likely to be of interest outside their area; this could work with neighbourhood plans too.

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