Relationship with national policy
Relationship with MSDC Local Plan
Relationship with other areas
Writing the Plan
What is the significance of a village boundary?
What is a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)?
What is Section 106 (S106) funding?
What is a Habitats Regulations Assessment and why might development require one?
What is the difference between neighbourhood plans and community plans or village plans?


Q. What powers are being reserved? What is the remit of the Neighbourhood Plan?

Plan has to be in “general conformity” with national and Local Plan policies and existing Legislation. Plan should be based on evidence and must weigh up aspirations vs. need.

Q. What is an examination and who examines the plan?

All neighbourhood plans will be submitted to an independent examination. Examinations will determine whether the plans meet the necessary criteria and accord with national and local policy. The examiner will be a person with a good understanding of the planning system, such as an academic, a planning officer from a different planning authority or a planning inspector who will be appointed by the relevant planning authority.

A town or parish council is likely to represent itself at examination (potentially with expert assistance as it deems necessary). The parish council preparing the plan would be responsible for paying for any additional support such as consultants or expert witnesses appearing at examination.

Q. Is Neighbourhood Planning just another fob-off?

No it will have legal weight when the Local Authority decides planning applications once it is adopted. It will influence the decisions on planning applications in Crawley Down

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