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What is the significance of a village boundary?
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What is the difference between neighbourhood plans and community plans or village plans?

Q. What is the significance of a village boundary?

Settlement boundaries are defined at District and County level. Land outside a defined village boundary generally constitutes an area of "Countryside Area of Development Restraint" (policy DP8 of the draft District Plan http://www.midsussex.gov.uk/media/rdDistrictPlan.pdf). Although there are some exceptions, in theory this should prevent undesirable development outside the village boundary.

Note that, although the methodology adopted in MSDC Housing Supply Assessment (March 2013) excludes "Sites wholly outside and unrelated to existing settlement built up area boundaries", it also states that exceptions may be made for "sites delivering 100% affordable housing to meet local need". (Para 4.9, Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment Methodology, July 2008)

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