Help Required

Your help and opinions are very important – so do contact us if you wish.

At present we and our Consultants are working together to prepare the “State of Village” document (A description of our village, its environment and issues etc.

Broad topics that we need to address are

  • Environment (including the built environment)
  • Housing of course
  • General infrastructure
  • Economy and business
  • Transport and Road - including getting around
  • Wellbeing and leisure

Please contribute in any way if you feel inclined with:-

  • Professional expertise
  • Any relevant useful informationuseful information
  • Questions and support
  • Your time

An Open Event was held at the Delmar Centre on Saturday 23rd November where the community were invited to speak to our Sub-Committee representatives and to help by completing an extensive questionnaire on all major topics. The results of this will be published shortly after we have completed the analysis of your responses.

Some suggestions

  • What is right and wrong about our village
  • Changes that are needed before any further development
  • Changes that are required regardless of future development
  • What do we want to keep/protect?
  • Village identity
  • Ancient woodland
  • Tree policy
  • What should our development philosophy (Community plan) be?
    • Infill restrictions
    • Restriction of housing to local needs
    • Covenants
    • Protections of adjoining residents quality of life
    • Minimum access requirements
    • Wrt sustainability
    • Minimum building standards
    • Tree policy
    • Infrastructure
  • Issues such as
    • Sustainable community
    • Housing needs
    • Jobs and the local community
    • Protecting our local environment
    • Improving community services
    • Environment
    • Policing
    • Health
    • Traffic
    • Transport
    • Flooding
    • Employment
    • Education
    • Allotments
    • Aircraft Noise
    • Gatwick Second Runway
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