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The Copthorne & Worth Ward Neighbourhood Plan Subcommittee has now released its Draft Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report for a five-week formal public consultation.

A paper copy will be made available in the WPC office during normal office hours. Comments on this Scoping Report can be made during consultation period which ends on Friday 30th January 2015. Please send or email your responses to Worth Parish Council.

A Sustainability Appraisal is an integral part of the Neighbourhood Plan making process and will help to ensure that our Plan makes an effective contribution to 'sustainable development'.

This Scoping Report establishes the baseline information about the Ward and identifies issues of particular importance that should be considered in developing the Copthorne Neighbourhood Plan. It also provides a Sustainability Framework by which emerging policies and proposals will be tested for Sustainability and provides the opportunity for plans to be improved.

We would welcome your views on the economic, social and environmental characteristics identified for the Ward, and the sustainability issues, objectives and indicators laid out in the scoping report.

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