Copthorne Neighbourhood Plan: The planning process

The Royal Oak Crawley Down

The Neighbourhood Plan Process

There are 5 key stages to neighbourhood planning.

STAGE 1: Defining the neighbourhood
STAGE 2: Preparing the plan
STAGE 3: Independent check
STAGE 4: Community referendum
STAGE 5: Legal force

STAGE 1: Defining the neighbourhood

Establish an organisation to co-ordinate debate and to make decisions of how to progress the Plan. This could be a Parish Council or a community group. ( This is already in place through our Worth Parish Council with Committees made up of both Council members AND members of our Community). The public are always welcome to attend any of the Committee meetings Meetings published by WPC on their website or Notice boards.

That organisation can then apply to the planning authority (MSDC). In our case Worth Parish Council took the initial lead, applied for and received separate Neighbourhood Planning status for Copthorne and Crawley Down villages. That grants the organisation legal power to plan for a particular area.

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